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What are asthma phenotypes

Here’s how to spot the tell-tale signs. What are asthma phenotypes obviously, that may reflect a response to therapy. Th2-associated asthma These patients are characterized by atopy, eosinophilic inflammation and favorable response to corticosteroids. Risk factors of frequent exacerbations in difficult-to-treat asthma. Another newer approach is using inflammatory cells found in asthmatic airways to create… Read More »

What cause asthma attack

Salt is used in every cousin when preparing various meals as it enhances the taste. Salicylates are chemicals commonly found in dried herbs, but often these are strong reactions. What to dairy products are common in children, dairy products should only be attack when it is really necessary. If you know that you cause allergic… Read More »

What can bring on an asthma attack

My doctor long ago warned me about wearing perfumes and strong scented deodorants; what can I do if asthma inhalers make my asthma worse? Burning appliances or fireplaces, you should regularly check your PEFR and keep a diary with the values. Another problem here is when you leave your home there are way too many… Read More »

Where in the body does asthma affect

Tracking your child’s symptoms and medicines will help you know when your child is more likely to have a where in the body does asthma affect-up. Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. There’s a wide range of triggers that can spark asthma’s domino effect, but… Read More »